The Daily Courier Readers’ Choice Awards is a year-long tribute dedicated to honoring the businesses that make the Quad Cities a great place to live.
The Nomination Phase

WHEN: Monday, April 8 – Monday, May 6

WHERE: Right here, on DailyCourierChoice.com

HOW: You are allowed one nomination per category. The ballot automatically saves your nominations based on your email address, allowing you to leave and return later to make additional nominations. For example, if you nominate a business on Monday but change your mind later in the week, you can revisit the ballot and add the new place that recently opened nearby. There is no need to click a final “submit” button.

WHO: Nearly every business located in the Quad Cities is eligible for nomination in its corresponding category, with a few exceptions.

The Final Voting Phase

WHEN: Monday, May 20 – Saturday, June 15

WHERE: Right here, on DailyCourierChoice.com

HOW: You may vote once per day, per category.

The Event

WHAT: A big celebration for the top 3 winners in each category!


The Magazine

WHAT:An impressive magazine showcasing the top three winners in every category!


WHERE:  In The Daily Courier newspaper and all over the Quad Cities.

WHO CAN ADVERTISE: Everyone is welcome! Placing an ad is not tied to the ballot and will not impact the results.

HOW TO PLACE AN AD: Contact DailyCourierChoice@prescottaz.com